Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy #1

My father in law had a phrase that he would say...."Life is short, make it happy." Since he passed away we have tried to adopt that motto to our life.  I decided that I would love to post something happy here every week. Every Friday I will post something happy. Would you like to join in?  Let's find the happy.

We are huge Dodger fans.  Huge.  Like we named our sons middle name Dodger after the LA Dodgers. Yeah we are serious.  We were lucky enough to get tickets to game 4 of the NLDS series game.  They won!  Which means they advance to the next series and if they win that series they will go to the WORLD SERIES!!!  This is the girls and my husbands reaction to the win.  It was such an awesome happy game!  Go Blue!!!

I would love for you to post happy thoughts to your blog.  Leave a comment with the link. Happy Friday!!!

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