Friday, April 29, 2011


It has been over 3 weeks since Lucy has been home. It has been amazing. She is the sweetest baby. I am overwhelmed with how well she is doing here at home. She is thriving. She is very alert and has started to really cry, which Mike and I are enjoying. I feel so full of hope and love when I look at Lucy. I know our family is complete. The other day we were driving over to my dads home and I looked in the back of the car and saw all 4 of my children happy. It filled my heart. I just can't stop thinking about how much my mom would have been over the moon in love with Lucy. She always had a soft spot for her grandchildren, but there is something so special about her. I'm sure it's because she is truly a miracle. She has changed not only our lives but so many others. I am still touched by the amount of kindness that is coming our way. Whether it's a beautiful blanket hand made by my parents neighbor, or packages in the mail for Lucy or pictures taken by a truly talented friend, I can't find the words to say thank you in a way that I feel is adequate. One day I hope I can pay it forward all the kind things that others have done for our family. I just hope that Lucy's story has touched people, a least one person, in a way that has helped them believe in prayer, believe in God. Because she has me believing again after all my faith was lost.

morning sister snuggle


  1. This was beautiful to read. Enjoy all your little miracles!

  2. A true miracle! Lucy is proof that God is with us!!! She has a special guardian angel--I am sure your mom is not far away! God bless you all.