Friday, September 23, 2011


*School has started and while I have enjoyed the routine that fall brings I am tired, oh so tired. Staying home is a lot more exhausting than I could have ever imagined.

*Sometimes when I hear other women complain about their moms I want to slap them. For reals. Look I know I did it, we all do, but I just want to scream in their faces and say you are so lucky to still have a mom to complain about!

* I still cry like a baby when I think about my mom. Is that normal?

*Lucy amazes me everyday. How did I get so blessed with such a sweet baby? She looks at me with her big blue eyes and I just melt. She is starting to sit up, roll over and hold things and bring then up to her mouth. Amazing I tell you!

*Is it thanksgiving break yet?

*Today I went to tjmaxx I found a spirograph. I was so excited! I bought it for the kids, but between you and me, guess who will really be playing with it tonight after bedtime?

*My friends baby is very sick, he needs a bone marrow transplant. Please sign up at Please! You could be the one that saves this sweet babies life!

*Fall TV is back and I am in heaven. Hello parenthood, the office, sunny in philidelphia and parks and rec.

*I meant to put the pictures after this silly post but instead it's like this and I don't have the time to figure out how to fix it.

*Pictures in order
Stair fort hours of fun for a little boy
Back to school feast
Lego army built by a very creative little boy, they make me smile
Worlds happiest baby

*Have a happy weekend!