Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When I was a little girl my mom loved the Pointer Sisters. They were pretty great I must admit. But I remember my mom would blast "I'm so Excited" as loud as she could in our Astro van and I would hide. I would slump as far down as I could in my seat and beg for her to stop. She would just turn it up louder. I couldn't understand why she would want to embarrass me this way. Now that I am a mother it all makes perfect sense. It's not so much that she wanted to embarrass me but she truly loved that song and she was having fun dancing and watching me cringe. I do it now with my kids and while they are still pretty good sports and will typically dance along with me there have been a few times when they have tried to hide from my embarrassing behavior. While watching the VMAs the other night, and feeling very old while watching, I mean what the hell is up with Lady Gaga, to me she is not original, just annoying. Also Katy Perry and Niki Minaj, both are pretty girls but why oh why are they dressed like a 3 year old on Halloween. I started to grow tired of watching the show and then came Beyonce. Oh I love Beyonce. I have since high school. "Freakum dress" should win awards. She is amazing. She is classy, She is beautiful. She has REAL talent. Then she performed her song and it brought me back to the 80's. Sitting in the car with my mom and dying while she rocked out. I realized that "Love on Top" will be the song that I will take it to the next level and make all my kids duck for cover. I mean with a song that makes you smile the whole way through you can't help but shake your body and sing at the top of your lungs. So thank you mom for teaching me about the great art of car dancing.

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  1. Oh such memories!

    This is why you are my sister and why i love you, Lady Gaga IS abnoxious and totally not original. Why did they even had to show her at the end? It brought down my enjoyment of that song and Beyonces' amazing performance.