Thursday, March 21, 2013


My mom loved numbers.  She was amazing at math.  I suck at numbers.  The furthest I went in my math career was pre-algebra, which I failed.  After my mom died I began to notice that often when I would look at the clock the time would say 12:34.  I began to think how strange that was, day after day I would randomly look to see what time it was and 12:34 would be staring back at me.  I mean what are the chances.  My mom could have told you, I can not.  What I can tell is this.  I think it is a sign from my mom.  I know I sound crazy.  Maybe a little desperate to still some how have her here with me.  But I honestly feel it.  Those first few months when she was gone and Lucy was in the hospital every single day I would see that time.  Then not too long ago it stopped.  I got very sad.  Now it's happening again.  I believe it's because right now in my life there is so much going on.  Lots of new stresses and worries.  She is here to say it's all going to be ok.  Why though would she choose those numbers?  Well here is the answer.  She was born on 12/24 and she died on 12/31.  Those numbers are all represented in that time. 12:34. Weird.  And Cool. And one of my favorite things. 

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