Friday, May 3, 2013

insta #1

I am having a serious love affair with instagram.  I love that I can capture the little moments that I know my frazzled brain will forget.

These 2 love each other.  So very much.  I will catch them hugging and snuggling all the time.  My heart explodes each time.

 My sister sent me this cute dress and I wanted her opinion of what she thought and Miss Lucy decided to photo bomb.  She is the cutest little thing. I love that she looks so excited.

Eating healthy is hard.  Like I have to try really hard to not just feed them fast food.  I am making a huge effort to cook more and make better choices not just for me but for the kids as well.  I made chicken fajitas and they turned out amazing.  Plus all those colors were so fun to look at while cooking.

 My husband started back a school and for extra credit for one of his classes he had to go to a museum.  We decided to make it a family affair and went to the Getty.  We have never been.  It's awesome.  So beautiful and peaceful.  The kids did great.  Up until the end when Brady decided to pull his hood over his head and run around in circles.  He ran into about 6 people before I could stop him. Boys.

Oh you know they are just sharpening his light saber.  Very stone age era.  Totally normal.

Lucy started a dance class.  I can't handle how cute it is.  She is a little unsure about the whole thing until she puts on her tap shoes.  Then she loves it and throws a fit when I have to take them off.  So that's fun.
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