Friday, June 10, 2011


9 pounds 10 ounces is how much Lucy weighs right now.
7 is the age my sweet twin girlies just turned.
4 is the number of days left of school for my big kids.
2 is the number of months Lucy has been home.
6 is the number of times I have been on Pintrest this morning(I am obsessed, if you have one find me so we can follow each other and if you don't have one, go join, you won't regret it!)
0 is the number of times Lucy woke up last night.
3 is the number of nights she has slept through the night.
6 is the number of wonderful beautiful hours I slept last night.
3 is the number of graduation parties this Saturday.

Happy Friday! What numbers are making you happy this Friday?

Have you checked out DrewB yet, she is amazing, look at the picture she took of my family. Go and check her out and then hire her to take you pictures next!!

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