Thursday, September 27, 2012


Life lately has felt like a bunch of roadblocks.  We are so close to one thing and then something else pops up that we have to deal with.  I'm wondering if this is how life will always be or if it's just temporary.  I got very sick about a month ago.  Spent 3 days in the hospital.  So much drama.  But they still don't know what was happening.  They are still doing tests.  I feel great.  100% again.  But there are still tests to be done.  Roadblock.  
Over the summer Lucy had her 2nd evaluation through CHOC.  They tested her to see if she has any delays.  I knew going in that she would probably need speech therapy.  She babbles but really doesn't say a lot of words.  She actually has a tendency to say a word a couple of times and then never say that word again.  So just like I suspected she is delayed in speech and CHOC recommended speech therapy.  But first our insurance wanted her to have her hearing tested.  I walked into that hearing test with such confidence I was actually annoyed that we were there.  She failed the test.  Roadblock.  She can hear loud noises, but softer sounds, she didn't even flinch.  Now our family is loud.  She is always around constant noise.  So there is a possibility that she just doesn't care about the quieter noises.  Now we have to see an ENT and her doctor said she does have fluid in her ears (she has had 5 double ear infections this past year) so that could be another reason for her hearing loss.  But until we figure out her hearing there is no speech therapy.  She will probably have to have tubes and hopefully that will take care of the problem.  But there is a possibility that she may need hearing aides.  Lets just discuss how cute tiny hearing aids would be. .I mean really they would be so tiny it would be ridiculous.  So until we get past this roadblock no speech. And this little girl is getting super frustrated that she can't communicate with us.  I have faith she will get there though.

Lucy is amazing though.  She is so curious. She is funny. She is fiesty.  She loves to snuggle and give kisses.  She also loves to bite and pinch, go figure.  She thinks its really funny to be bad so 16 years old should be fun with this girlie.

And just to add to our already crazy, busy lives we are moving.  Selling our place and moving in with my dad while its on the market.  Because trying to keep a tiny home clean while 4 little tornadoes run around is just not something I even want to deal with.  After it sells we will by a house.  I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed but ready. 

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  1. PAIGE!! Huge hugs. That is so frustrating, all of it. What did you have? What was wrong? :( :( :(

    Have you tried Baby Sign with Lucy for now? Some of those signs are so easy that it might be fun for now....

    Good luck moving. I bet your Dad will love you guys being in the house. For a little while, anyway, heehee