Thursday, November 29, 2012


It has been a crazy last 2 months. 

 Lots of changes for our family.  

We have moved in with my dad while our condo sells.  Our plan was to only live here for 2-3 months.  Well looks like that will now be more like 12 months. 
But it's okay.  
We are no stranger to change and that our best laid plans can be turned upside down.  So now I am getting busy trying to make this house feel like our home for the next year.  I'm kinda excited to change things up.  Pintrest is so fun for daydreaming up fun room ideas for the kids.  And hopefully in a year we will own our own home and look back on this time and smile.

In early November Miss Lucy had surgery to place tubes in her ears.  For all the anxiety that I went through the procedure only took 9 minutes.  It was easy and she did great.  And now she is doing so well.  Saying so many more words and her balance is incredible.  Before the surgery she would walk around like an old drunk lady, especially when she was tired.  She would fall down all the time, now she walks perfectly.  It's really amazing.  So now she will have another hearing test and hopefully pass so we can finally start speech therapy.  She wants so badly to talk more but she is having trouble.  It is really hard for me to watch her struggle.  I'm looking forward to speech and watching my little girl blossom.

It has almost been 2 years since my mom has gone.  And while it has gotten so much easier to live life without her, I still miss her desperately.  With all of life's changes and excitement it is hard to not share that with her.  I still feel sad when I think that Lucy never knew her.  But in her own way she will know her, through pictures and stories that myself and everyone will tell her.

You see that picture up above?  That is Lucys favorite thing to do. All. The. Time.  She holds the pencil so well, better than her 6 year old brother.  It's amazing! 

And lastly, here is my 4 on Halloween.  The twins were a double rainbow, Brady was Darth Vader and Lucy was a pot of gold.  It was a really fun Halloween.

Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Change is good. Change is fun. :) Your family is beautiful!