Friday, December 17, 2010


Like I said before music is something that I can relate to more than anything, more than books or sometimes even people. This song seems to sing to me. I'm sure it's about a breakup, but there are a couple of lines in the song that sum up how I am feeling right now. For example,"Waiting for the end to come, wishing I had strength to stand this is not what I had planned, it's out of my control", "All I want to do is trade this life for something new, holding on to what I haven't got" and "the hardest part of ending is starting again" Think about those lyrics. They are pretty fitting when it comes to loosing someone so close to you. This song really takes my breath away. Turn it up loud. What does it make you feel? Oh and seriously watching Mike Shinoda sing never ever gets old.

P.S: Has this become the most depressing blog EVER? Let me know. My vote is for yes.

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