Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In the NICU the nurses and doctors continually say "two steps forward one step back" This is so so true. What we have experienced is much like learning a new dance. We are tripping all over the place. Not finding our footing. Forgetting to listen to the rhythm of the music and allowing our bodies to flow freely. We are trying to control the situation instead of just letting it happen. Lucy is doing much better than last week. She is still on the CPAP and is breathing on 21% oxygen which is great. She is eating better and is slowly putting on weight. This is our two steps forward. Last week was our step back. The dance of the NICU is difficult to learn. Lucy is teaching us though. Through her we are learning that stressing will do nothing for us. Worrying and fighting and fear will only hold us back. It will just keep us from learning a beautiful dance. A dance that in life not many get to learn but one I feel blessed to learn. There WILL be a time when we look back at this time and remember all the scary moments and then I will kiss my sweet Lucy and thank God for getting us to this point, for teaching us this dance of life.


  1. I try to always remember what my Mom once told me "Don't wait for the storm to pass, just learn to dance in the rain." Celebrate each and every moment you have with sweet Lucy. Prayers and Love always.XOXO

  2. What you don't know is that the steps you are taking ARE the NICU dance. You feel as though you are stumbling, but you are doing it gracefully. The NICU dance doesn't become rhythmic for a little while yet.

    You are doing great.

  3. Sending loves, hugs and prayers EVERY day. Can't you just feel your mom, grandmother Anne, great grandmother Anne, great Aunt Donna and great great Aunt Grace ALL willing for baby Lucy to thrive? You have some amazing angels in heaven hovering over you and Lucy :>