Monday, February 7, 2011


My sweet mother-in-law brought home a dozen red heart balloons the other day. The kids were excited to play with them and enjoyed running around the house and the back yard with the balloons. Slowly but surely, one by one the balloons floated away, up to the sky they flew. Today there were 4 left. Brady had just finished lunch and went and grabbed a balloon. He went outside and stood quietly. He spook to the balloon and gave it a kiss and then sent it flying. He stood and watched it float away all the while smiling. He came inside and grabbed another balloon. He ran back out with it and did the same thing. He came back in and grabbed another balloon and handed me one as well. I said "where are the balloons going?" He replied, "up to heaven with Grammy. Now she can have a party with all the balloons" I love my son. He really believes that heaven exists. He never questions it. He has such peace in him, and I know it is because his faith has not wavered since the loss of my mom. He has shown me to just trust and know that she is in heaven with Jesus.


  1. ok seriously are you trying to make me cry? why is your son the sweetest and cutest boy EVER? I can't wait to see you (only 10 more days!!)

  2. Just wanted to stop by (from inspire) and say that from a mother that has 26 weeker twins I know what you are going through. My little ones are now almost 16 months old. The 3.5 months in the hospital went by so quickly. God bless.

  3. God bless your little boy! Perhaps it's because he is so young, that he is so wise & so close to heaven.