Saturday, March 19, 2011


Press play and listen while you read

On Christmas Eve of 2010 my mom became very sick. It just so happened that our priest was already coming over to do the anointing of the sick for her. It is a Catholic thing. Basically he says some special prayers and blesses her with oil. My dad, my godparents and myself sat in the room while he spoke to her. My sisters ipod was playing softly in the background, it was on shuffle. As we started praying the Our Father this song came on. It was perfectly timed. It took my breath away. I started to cry silently. I watched my mom she looked so peaceful. I listened to the song, each word seemed to be written for her. My mom had always loved the Beatles, as most children of the 60's did. The song ended just as the Priest ended his prayers. The ipod stopped playing. All by itself. It's almost as if it was out of a movie. At that moment I stopped trying to figure out what was happening. I just had to "let it be". The answer was not what I wanted, but it was what was supposed to happen. I do believe that when that song came on it was the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten.

The other night I was driving home with the kids, they were drifting asleep. My mom was on mind, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to tell her. I want to tell her about Lucy and how amazing she is, or how Brady figured out how to finally write his name or how well the girls are reading. I had my ipod playing on shuffle and "let it be" came on. I hadn't heard it since that day. I started weeping. Kara was still awake and asked what was wrong. I told her this story. She started crying as well. I told her I believed this song will pop up in our lives when we need it most, just like my mom always had.


  1. That is the most beautiful story, and you are such an amazing woman and mother! Your mom must be so so proud watching over you! I'm so sorry to hear how much Lucy has grown and pray for her to continue to gain strength everyday.

  2. Paige, thank you for maintaining the blog and sharing your thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us at the church hall. Harry