Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each day brings on a new beginning and I love that. The feelings I felt from the last post are still here but now I am feeling hopeful. There is a buzz around the NICU that Lucy might be coming home soon. She is now in an open crib and eating only from bottles. She wants to come home I just know it. I am sure she is sick of everything in the NICU just as I am. The beeping of the monitor. The poking and prodding of the nurses. Even the radio station, which is always set to either KOST or MYFM, honestly I have heard the theme from Grease and Tears in Heaven one too many times, and that in itself is reason enough to leave the NICU. She now weighs 4lbs. 9oz. and is looking plumper everyday. I was thinking today about how far she has come. She came out only weighing 1lb. 8oz. Think about that. 1 lb. 8 oz.!! And now 11 weeks later she is almost 5 pounds and doing most things that a newborn does. I am grateful to all the nurses and doctors and everyone who has prayed for Lucy. All of them have saved our sweet girl. I don't know what the future holds for Lucy, I can only hope for the very best for her. When I close my eyes I can see so perfectly, I see her running and laughing. I see her skipping next to me and playing with her brother and sisters. It is a beautiful image. One I am hopeful for. An image that will become a reality. I just can't wait!

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